Hot and Tangy Green Chutney

Spicy and Tangy Green Chutney Sustainable Foods
Green Chutney (c) Vinita Agarwal Sustainable Foods

What it is

A simple and traditional Indian dip enjoyed with curries, breads (roti, naan, or wheat bread) and yogurt-based smoothies. Lots of fresh green cilantro (aka, corriander) leaves,  mint leaves, ginger root grated, pounded garlic pods, green lime juice, green chillis, sesame seeks, fenugreek seeds, sea salt, and a mix of colored peppercorns come together in a blender for this wonderful tangy and spicy addition to your daily food. Can be eaten with meals, on sandwiches, or as a dip.


Its cleansing, purifying, and digestive properties mean you can have as much as you like. However, as with all our resources, food should be eaten only based on as much as you need (about 2–3 teaspoons per meal) to be healthy and strong.

How to make

In your produce cart: cilantro leaves (about 3 bunches), garlic (about 4–6 cloves),  ginger root (about 2 hefty ones), mint leaves (about 2 bunches), green limes (about 10, if juicy, more as needed), green chillis (about 15 for hot, about 4–5 for medium, 1 for mild), sesame seeds (black, 2 teaspoons), fenugreek seeds (4–5 teaspoons), sea salt (to taste), colored peppercorns (2 teaspoons for sharp, adjust per taste).

Time on chopping board: about 10 min.

Time in blender: 1 minute.

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