A Phyto-Nutrient Rich, Light, and Flavorful Mid-Summer Mid-Day Meal

A Mid-Summer Mid-Day Meal

A Phyto-Nutrient Rich, Light, and Flavorful Mid-Day Meal
A Phyto-Nutrient Rich Mid-Day Meal (c) Vinita Agarwal

What it is: A green-phytonutrients rich meal that will keep you light, refreshed, and energized for late-afternoon thinking and writing.

Benefits: This combination of greens brings you the detoxifying, energizing, and trace mineral-rich composition that keeps the mind fresh and the body clean while providing essential nutrients. As with most plant-based diets, it’s predominantly water-based and rich in micro-nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

In the oven (425 degrees, for 10 minutes):

Asparagus spears (sprinkled with olive oil, Himalayan salt, garlic powder, freshly ground black pepper)

Spices: Pink Himalayan salt (freshly ground), black peppercorn (freshly ground), garlic, lime, lime rind, olive oil (extra virgin).

On the plate:

Goat cheese (or your favorite soft cheese): slice fresh

Tomato basil bread slice (courtesy Panera bread, you can also make your own)

In the glass:

Kale leaves

Spinach leaves

Pineapple chunks

Green grapes

Fresh water




Ice cubes (based on preference).

So, the next time you’re in the grocery, fill your cart with fresh produce, herbs, and spices, and bring them together for a quick, tasty, and healthy meal for yourself and those you care for! And…give a thought to where your food comes from and your own thoughts and feelings as you prepare and eat your food–our food is a product of the cycle of life as much as we are.


One thought on “A Phyto-Nutrient Rich, Light, and Flavorful Mid-Summer Mid-Day Meal

  1. Asparagine amino acide which is essential for nervouse system is naturally presented in Asparagus ….thats why it will tone you


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