An Invigorating and Wholesome Halloween Ghostbuster Juice

Beetroot Juice with Oranges and Ginger Stem (c)Vinita Agarwal
Freshly Pressed Beetroot Juice with Oranges and Ginger Stem (c)Vinita Agarwal

What it is

An easy-to-make, nitrate-rich on-the-go juice that will keep you fresh, light, nourished, and invigorated for long hours of thinking and writing, getting the house errands done, an afternoon run, late-night work, or a walk with your dog in the crisp fall weather.

It’s blood-red color makes it especially ideal to add an extra flavor to your family’s Halloween experience. The sweet beetroot bulbs in this juice are complemented by juicy and fibrous oranges and spicy ginger.


This deep-red juice contains a powerful detoxifying and protecting combination of betaines (from beetroots), vitamin-C (from oranges), and immune-boosting gingerols (from ginger stem).

Ginger is a powerful detoxifying and anti-inflammatory underground stem, while beetroot is known for its ability to improve blood flow and cleanse toxins, and oranges add a shot of immune-boosting vitamin-C to your juice.

Fresh, juicy foods rich in herbs, phytochemicals, and micronutrients are fulfilling and offer nourishment while sustaining a positive relationship between our body, mind, and spirit.

How to Make

In your produce cart: red/purple beetroot bulbs, ginger stem, oranges.

Time on chopping board: 5 minutes

Time in blender: About a minute to a minute and a half.

Pour in your favorite goblet and enjoy as the little spooks come trick or treating!


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