Seasonal Detox


Detox has become a mantra of sorts associated with a host of marketable products. However, it is an age old concept with roots in daily lifestyle habits our grandmas have practiced across time. Hence I try to prepare my (and my family’s) nutrition by hand simply, naturally, quickly, and given all our hectic schedules, without too much fuss.

Winter break is a particularly fertile time. It is a time when, like nature, we lay the ground for what will be and what we will become.


I think of detox as purification and rejuvenation. In my work–teaching and research–I believe true thoughtfulness is a meditative property that provides insights to the issues I study that a cluttered and rushed mind would otherwise miss. For example, I like working on my research while absorbing this view of my backyard and my lab smelling the fall leaves. But whatever our work, a clear and fresh openness to the information we are given allows us to be receptive and creative in our thinking.

Here is a simple nourishing face mask. It doesn’t have to be used everyday because it is a powerful cleanser that will keep you looking fresh at least a week between uses.

How to Make

Two tablespoons of Greek (non fat ) yogurt

One tablespoon of lemon

One tablespoon of freshly ground Ceylon cinnamon stick

One tablespoon almond oil


After rinsing face, lather it on. If you have time, keep it on as a mask for 5 minutes or so, if not, just scrub and you’re good to go. Used as a mask, once a week should be enough. Use a face oil (Moroccan oil) after you’ve rinsed off the mask for a clean, nourished glow.

What it is

Cinnamon is a stimulant that brings blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin, hence it is good for hair as well. Honey is moisturizing, antibacterial, and has anti-oxidant properties while yogurt has lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid) that also moisturizes and bring a glow to the skin. Lemon is a natural toner that also has antibacterial properties.

If you try it out, let me know how it goes for you. How do you seek to balance the stresses of your life in alignment with nature?

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